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Rising Cities combines creative talent attraction expertise with real tools to market cities as being ready to welcome the globally mobile technology workforce. We also collaborate with local authorities and tech companies on initiatives that are beneficial for all and encourage social and economic growth.


Rising has developed creative campaigns that speak to the globally mobile and inspire meaningful connections with local communities.

Rising Cities gives local authorities what they need to market their cities as well as prepare them to welcome new companies and meet the needs of the emerging global talent-driven market. Our communication services cover:

  • City-focused creative strategies
  • Campaign lead
  • Local creative agency management
  • Social media coordination
  • Digital and live event development
  • Local community engagement

Rising Studio services ensure the quality of our employer brand messaging in all visual assets.


Rising works with cities to balance economic growth with highly livable social conditions for local communities and the globally mobile.

Rising Cities includes advisory services that put local people and initiatives at the heart of the global movement for sustainable economic growth. We help cities maintain and celebrate their local communities as well as the things that make these cities attractive places to live by offering:

  • Global talent attraction strategies
  • Global company attraction strategies
  • Talent and company retention
  • Benchmarking and research
  • Team training
  • Ecosystem connection and exchanges

Case Studies

Rising Cities

Because Berlin

In 2019, the Rising team realized the Because Berlin project, a successful talent attraction initiative conceptualized by Karen Kargar and developed for Berlin Partner.

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The Rising Cities Toolkit can be tailored to meet specific local needs:
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Rising Cities is purpose-built to connect and unite stakeholders from a number of fields and disciplines. If you see yourself working in any of the fields below and are an ally of sustainable progress, join the movement.
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Urban Development
Public Policy
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