Rising Clients

Established in 2019, Rising Network GmbH is growing fast. Drawing on the global network of its founder, Karen Kargar, Rising has strong connections with a number of leading technology companies and government administrations. See a selection of former clients below.

Case Studies

Rising Cities

Because Berlin

In 2019, the Rising team realized the Because Berlin project, a successful talent attraction initiative conceptualized by Karen Kargar and developed for Berlin Partner.

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Rising People


Since 2018 Rising founder Karen Kargar has helped to grow Parity, a world-leading blockchain infrastructure company. Adopting Rising’s transparent, human-centric methodology, Parity has successfully welcomed top talent.

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Our Partners & Advisors

Burkhard Volbracht

Head of Unit International Talent, Berlin Partner

"Berlin is an international metropolis. It thrives on the fact that creativity and economic growth are created through the interplay of technology, talent and tolerance. This requires drivers who keep moving these levers. Karen Kargar and her international team of experts represent Berlin in the best possible way and are great ambassadors for the city."

Scott Goodson

CEO and Founder, StrawberryFrog

"Karen is a visionary leader and professional. She supported our global marketing campaigns, adapting ‘below the line’ activities to local markets. She did this remotely and never dropped the ball. I would recommend her to any organization or leader seeking excellence.”

Jasson Schrock

Startup Advisor and Design Leader

“Finding the right talent is essential in building resilient product teams, and in turn, prosperous communities. To do this, the Rising team is developing robust tools that empower companies and cities to find their best talent. It’s inspiring to see Karen’s proven model scaled up and made available to others.”

Kelly Wahlberg

Startup Advisor and Finance Leader

“It's exciting to see how Karen is turning her unique vision for a global tech talent platform into reality. We're all waiting for Rising to open its Boston office and enter the US market with an innovative business model that is sure to support sustainable growth for companies and cities throughout the country.”

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