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Rising offers a unique, human-centric approach to help cities, people and tech companies connect, leading to sustainable growth for everyone.

The Big Picture

Cities, people and companies need each other to succeed, but they don’t automatically connect to find solutions. Rising sees the big picture, creating a network that allows everyone to thrive.

Rising helps cities attract global talent and build welcoming cultures, supports people as they grow into career-building roles, offers advisory services for CEOs and guides companies through localization.

We Make Connections

Rising recognizes that cities, people and tech companies all share the same goal: sustainable growth. This creates an ecosystem of interconnected needs that Rising is able to meet by offering specialized advisory and communication services and building a network that benefits everyone.

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A New Market Rising

Only Rising helps both growing cities and companies attract, develop and retain tech talent. Going beyond place branding, executive recruitment and coaching, Rising connects cities, people and companies in the global context of technological transformation and sustainable growth. This uncovers an untapped market that Rising’s holistic, human-centric approach is uniquely suited to meet.

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Mission to Movement

We believe that the power of human connection can positively transform how globalization impacts local communities. We’re honest and straight-talking. We know a lot, but not everything. We listen to find out where others are coming from. We’re curious and we have space at our table for everyone to share their stories.

If you share our values and our mission, join the movement!

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